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KS4 specialisms are alongside GCSE English / English literature, GCSE Maths & Combined Science GCSE

This course looks at how Businesses become successful. We investigate the marketing of businesses, how the finance works, recruiting the right people and how to set up your own business. We analyse how the biggest businesses have made their millions to how small bespoke businesses cater for their own unique customers.
Business & Enterprise
For students who want a career in management, global enterprise, or who want to become a successful entrepreneur, this course will put you on the right path.
This course is taught by staff who have experience working in Childcare settings in the local community. You will learn how children develop in the early year sector, and plan activities to use in real life settings as part of compulsory placement and other enrichment activities. We assess you for the qualification in varying and interesting ways to allow you the opportunity to showcase your individual interest and skills.
Children’s Play, Learning & Development
Citizenship teaches you a variety of life skills and knowledge that will help you throughout life, not just for GCSEs. The main topic areas look at Law and Crime, Government and Politics and British Values and The Media.
We spend time looking at real and topical incidents; investigating why certain situations arise and how we might solve them. It helps to prepare students for careers in legal professions, working for the public sectors, and for those who want to make a difference in the world.
Our computing and IT courses at level 2/3 offer students a wide breadth of ICT and Computing opportunities. From IT hardware and software fundamentals, programming concepts and techniques to games design, multimedia production and web design.
The Studio offers courses which are perfect for students who are technically minded or, for those who choose to explore their creativity. The skills and knowledge learned will help propel them into an exciting and unique career in the booming IT sector.
This exciting course focuses on game design and how it forms part of the creative digital media industries. Students study a range of industry aspects from licencing laws, production skills to marketing guidelines that surround the gaming industry. The reality is that the role of a game designer is very varied and employment opportunities come in a range of different forms.
This course enables students to have a well-rounded understanding of the media industry in preparation for a career in a rapidly growing industry.
The world of marketing, promotions and reporting is dominated by the need for high quality imagery. At the Studio we deliver photography at GCSE and A-Level standard in a contemporary form. Students work in a digital form, creating eBooks that contain still and moving imagery as part of the course. Tuition is delivered by staff with industry expertise, setting live briefs and having professional expectations of students.
The growing need for cutting edge professionals in digital industries makes this course an essential for students seeking a career in information technology. The course is structured around data management, digital project planning, digital practices and cybersecurity where students get hands on activities to support their digital study.

In English, we uphold a broader understanding of the world our students live in by exploring a breadth of texts from various historical, cultural and social perspectives. Rather than delivering a narrow curriculum, we believe that our students should experience the richness, diversity and power of individual voices, subsequently inspiring them to find their own voice.


Although being able to write in a critical and analytical style is important to us, we ultimately want our students to build confidence and have freedom in their written work when writing a viewpoint and writing creatively.

We want our students to be excited and enthused by the power of words. Our aim is to encourage a sense of curiosity and exploration of different writers’ ideas, whilst reinforcing real-life issues, values and morals. Students will explore a wide range of texts including medieval literature, Gothic fiction, poetry from various eras, diary extracts, 19th century extracts and fiction, Shakespeare, news articles, web articles, modern fiction…anything and everything we love, and that we know, will inspire our students.

Our EPQ allows each student to embark on a largely self-directed and self-motivated project. Students must
 choose a topic, plan, research and develop their idea and decide on their finished product. We encourage creativity and curiosity. A project topic may be directly related to a student's main study programme, but should look beyond the specification. 
A finished product may take the form of a: research based written report, production* (eg charity event, fashion show or sports event etc), an artefact* (eg piece of art, a computer game or realised design).
Our innovative curriculum teaches students the skills to produce art that delivers a message. We combine illustration with digital design to create a modern approach to Art. Students are taught the skills to master the use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, becoming versatile designers and communicators.
Graphic DESIGN
Students complete courses with a unique portfolio of work that often results in unconditional university offers, in some cases, bypassing university and going straight into a career in Graphic Design. We support young people to make careers, not just pretty pictures!
This is an interesting course taught by staff with real life experience working in the NHS. It covers human development from the cradle to grave assessed in various, interesting ways giving you opportunities to showcase your skills.
We have strong links with local businesses to offer you a placement in health and social care settings including Health Watch and Food Power and Sustain; where you will have the opportunity to be involved in making policy and nationwide changes.
An exciting Level 3 course that covers all aspects of IT. Students will study two areas in this qualification, Fundamentals of IT and Global information systems, both of which are externally assessed. The units provide learners with an insight into the IT sector as they investigate the pace of technological change, IT infrastructure, the flow of information on a global scale and important legal and security considerations.
Throughout the course, students are challenged and supported to deepen their understanding of a wide range of Mathematical skills. Mathematics is diverse, engaging and essential in equipping students with the right skills to reach their future destination, whatever that may be.
Students are encouraged to build a secure framework of Mathematical reasoning, which they can use and apply with confidence.  The application of mathematics is a powerful tool and we aim to help relate this to the wider community to help students understand its use outside the classroom.
The Science department raises an interest and enthusiasm for science; developing inquisitive minds and lifelong passion. Practical work is central to learning within DAES Science, providing students with strong skills which form the basis for discovery further along their learning journey.
 Literacy and numeracy are essential skills to enable students to access the curriculum, both of which are promoted and monitored. The learning routes that are offered at DAES are Dual Award Science worth 2 GCSEs and follow the AQA GCSE Science (9-1) course.
Our Film Production course provides an innovative grounding in the technical processes, creative skills and production practices necessary for a career in the cinematic arts. From the outset, you will partake in film screenings and production workshops to develop your identity as a filmmaker.
TV & Film production
The course was designed and is taught by a practicing independent filmmaker with a directing portfolio of internationally acclaimed short films. You will be taught to a high technical standard through the craft of script writing, producing, genre filmmaking, cinematography, editing and other roles that are instrumental to further study and employment in the moving image sector.

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