GCSE Results

GCSE Results


Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Students are celebrating a set of results that demonstrate consecutive progress across the board for the third year running. The school, which specialises in industries that support the Northern Powerhouse initiative and focuses on key career sectors such as creative digital technologies, has achieved a set of results that include 100% pass rate in Film Production with 40% of students achieving high Grades and Photography students achieving 95% 4+ with 63% achieving high Grades.

Lydia Taylor is thrilled with her set of results that include English Literature Grade 8, English Language Grade 7, Maths Grade 8, Science Grade 8 & 7, Graphic Art Grade 8, Photography Grade 8 and Film Production Graded Distinction. Lydia stated “I’m delighted with my results, I intent to continue my study at the Studio in A-level Photography, Graphic Art and Film. I aim to have a career in the creative industries, these Grades are a strong base to build my career upon.”

Megan Dillon is another student who has achieved a really pleasing set of results with Grade 7s in English language and literature, 6s in double science, 5 in maths, 8 in Graphic Art and Distinction* in Creative Media. Megan commented “I intend to become a creative designer and I’m really pleased with my Grades, especially my Grade 8 and Distinction* results.”

Principal, Colin Grand stated “Our students have worked exceptionally hard this year and can be proud of what they have achieved. All students join the Studio at age 13 with a career focus in our specialisms. It is fantastic to see such motivated and career driven young people putting down foundations of good GCSE results to build their ambitions upon.”

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