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We believe that parents value our small class sizes, specialist pathways and personalised approach. Here is what they told us about choosing the Studio for their child

The Studio School has really delivered on all its promises for my daughter. It has been such a positive influence in her life and the work placements have given her maturity and confidence. The staff work in a real partnership with parents like me and the students. They take the time to listen to and to understand both her and all the students here – it really is unique.

I want my daughter to fulfil her potential – and she has a real chance to do that here. She has learned to aim higher, to push herself further and that she can face up to challenging work. Staff have made themselves available for extra tuition and the smaller classes and personal coaching all have made a massive difference to her grades.

My son was not enjoying his previous school. He didn’t get the options he wanted and was forced into doing things that held no interest for him. Then the Studio School opened and it gave us just what we needed; small class sizes, focussed option choices, friendly and accessible staff and an attitude of developing children into mature adults. As long as my son is happy and not just falling into a mundane life then I am happy – and the Studio will give him the best chance of achieving his potential.

My son has got a brilliant relationship with his personal coach. He really benefits from the dedicated one to one time he has and this makes sure he is never “lost” like he was at his old school. He has more opportunities and more work experience and the chance to focus on doing what he wants to do in his life – design and code computer games. No other school can offer him all that.

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