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As a young person developing on a career pathway we think it is important that individuality and maturity is demonstrated through appearance. With this in mind the Studio has a dress code instead of a uniform. We believe it important that our Studio students appear professional and ready for work at all times.


Dark suit / Dark skirt, thick leggings or trouser suit

Plain shirt or blouse of any colour

Black footwear

Studio tie – to be purchased from Darwen uniform shop 

Studio ID badge and lanyard – to be provided on induction.


All Items of clothing should be fully black

Shorts / jogging bottoms

Plain T-shirt / sports top 


Please note that the following are not considered professional dress, and will not be permitted at the Studio:-

Heads should not be shaved – a Number 1 cut is the shortest permitted

Open-toed shoes/sandals

Hooded tops in classrooms

Subtle, professional make-up and nail varnish will be permitted.

Post-16 Dress Code

 Professional dress appropriate for the specialist pathway of study.

 Studio ID badge and lanyard – to be provided on induction.


Parent pay


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Home Learning agreement

Please see below our home learning agreement, which all students sign before they are enrolled.


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