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Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio School

Games design Sector

The game design industry is one of the biggest growing industry sectors in the world. Competitive gaming in the form of Esports is a billion-dollar international industry that is now taking hold in the UK. Whether it is gaming competitively, programming & coding, digital project management or app design and development, our suite of courses provide the foundations of skill for your career in this exciting industry.

At KS4 students study level 2 qualifications in - 

BTEC Creative Media Game Design Level 2 for 3 hrs per week

BTEC Digital Technologies Level 2 for 3 hrs per week

GCSE Computer Science for 3 hrs per week

The above courses complement each other to enable students to transfer skills and knowledge across courses.

At KS5 students study Level 3 qualifications in –

BTEC Level 3 in creative Media Practice – specialising in Game Design for 6 hrs per week.

BTEC Level 3 in Esports

BTEC Level 3 in Business

The above courses provide students with a diverse computer-based skill set. Students will develop knowledge in the fundamentals of Gaming concept, planning & pitching ideas, 2D & 3D modelling, programming & coding and an overview of media regulatory bodies. Work is taught to industry briefs that give an experience of the real world scenarios.